Big bucket of grape juice

Last week the 5-gal bucket of Chenin Blanc juice came in. I waited for it to warm up to 60 degrees, rehydrated the yeast and pitched.

The juice didn’t smell at all how I expected it would, it had a very mineral smell. The taste was great however, and now that it’s fermenting it smells very clean and floral with citrus notes. Looking forward to this!

Brewlog: Basic Orange Blossom Traditional

this is ending up as my go-to basic off-dry mead.

12lbs Orange Blossom honey

2lbs Buckwheat honey

water to 5 gallons

8g DV-10

Go-Ferm, Fermaid-O

American Medium Toast oak cubes



rehydrate yeast per instructions, add to Go-Ferm slurry

mix must to SG of 1.10

pitch yeast, aerate like crazy

cover bucket with a sanitized towel


Brewlog: Mixed-berry Melomel

Everyone makes a mixed berry mel, right? This was my first attempt at it.

Costco Clover honey

6lbs frozen blueberries

6lb Cascadian Farm Antioxidant Blend

.75 gallons Vintener’s Havest Black Currant

8oz dried elderberries

1lb dried apricots

1lb dried figs

handful of raisins

15g RC-212


Fermaid K, DAP



defrost frozen fruit in a bucket overnight, covered with a towel


rehydrate yeast, add to Go-Ferm slurry

mix wildflower honey and water to 6 gallons, SG 1.14

pitch yeast

aerate like mad

add fruit in a sparging bag

cover with sanitized towel



at lag phase add 3g Fermaid K, 3g DAP


add another 3g Fermaid K and 3g DAP


at 1/3 sugar break add another 3g DAP


SG 1.08

transferred to a 6.5gal carboy with airlock


SG 1.04


SG 1.03


SG is 1.011, the yeast is probably done.


taste is nice, lots of deep black currant with other berry notes. taste is still a little hot, will let this one sit for a while then oak it.


added 3oz Medium French oak


Tasted it, delish. racked off the oak, will let it sit for a bit longer then bottle it. Time to start another batch!