Preserved lemons!!!!

I spent the morning working through several things we’ve had hanging around – tomatoes, chilies, eggplants and cukes from the plot, etc. I’ve also had a bag of Meyer lemons that my friend Linda gave me sitting around for a week, had to do something with them. So, Moroccan preserved lemon time!

2014-09-04 12.42.11






it’s really easy. Sterilize some jars, cut the lemons into eighths leaving 1/2 inch at the stem end so the segments are attached. rub the flesh and juice out into a bowl, rub some pickling salt into the rind and move on to the next one. Pack them into the jars firmly so they won’t float when you add liquid. stir 2 tsp more of salt to the bowl of lemon juice, pour over the lemons making sure they’re submerged. Add more lemon juice if there’s not enough. Pour 1 tbs of olive oil over the brine in each jar, lid and stick somewhere room temperature for 3 weeks. Boosh, preserved lemons!

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