Brewlog: Mixed-berry Melomel

Everyone makes a mixed berry mel, right? This was my first attempt at it.

Costco Clover honey

6lbs frozen blueberries

6lb Cascadian Farm Antioxidant Blend

.75 gallons Vintener’s Havest Black Currant

8oz dried elderberries

1lb dried apricots

1lb dried figs

handful of raisins

15g RC-212


Fermaid K, DAP



defrost frozen fruit in a bucket overnight, covered with a towel


rehydrate yeast, add to Go-Ferm slurry

mix wildflower honey and water to 6 gallons, SG 1.14

pitch yeast

aerate like mad

add fruit in a sparging bag

cover with sanitized towel



at lag phase add 3g Fermaid K, 3g DAP


add another 3g Fermaid K and 3g DAP


at 1/3 sugar break add another 3g DAP


SG 1.08

transferred to a 6.5gal carboy with airlock


SG 1.04


SG 1.03


SG is 1.011, the yeast is probably done.


taste is nice, lots of deep black currant with other berry notes. taste is still a little hot, will let this one sit for a while then oak it.


added 3oz Medium French oak


Tasted it, delish. racked off the oak, will let it sit for a bit longer then bottle it. Time to start another batch!

Brewlog: Blueberry Mel

From Oskaarz “You Bleu My Berries”

20 lbs blueberry honey

20 lbs frozen blueberries

32 oz blueberry juice

32 oz cherry/pomegranate juice

10g Lalvin RC-212



pectic enzyme

SG: 1.14

ABV: according to meadcalc this ends up at 17.6%. the tolerance of RC-212 is 16% so there will be a fair amount of residual sweetness.



poured 20 lbs frozen blueberries with 2tsp pectic enzyme into a bag to thaw


rehydrate yeast with Go-Ferm

mix 3 gallons water with 20 lbs honey and the 64oz of juice

pitch yeast, aerate like mad

add blueberries

cover with sanitized towel



foam is forming due to the beginning of the lag phase. Aerated and dosed it with 9g Fermaid-O.



added another 20g Fermaid-O


I think my calculations were off – for 200ppm Yan I’ll need close to 100 grams of straight Fermaid-O. Yikes.

added another 20 grams which brings the total to 40.


added another 60 grams, bringing the total to 100 grams of Fermaid-O.


SG is 1.018 – it’s not dropping as fast as I’d expected, but it tastes good – sweet and tart.


SG is 1.005 – much better. tastes hot and has a weird bitter note, adding some more Fermaid.


SG is .995 and still burping. I’d have thought this would finish higher, interesting.


SG is still .995

I think the massive nutrient schedule has thrown the taste, now there’s a mineral saltiness to it. Not sure how to make that go away, time for Google.



I massively miscalculated the amount of nutrients needed, to fix I pitched another 6-gallon batch of Blueberry Mel with K1-V1116, one of the killer yeasts. Didn’t have blueberry honey so I used Costco’s Clover with another 20 lbs of frozen blueberries. Dang, only 10lbs left for secondary now.

After primary started, I added in the original batch and the fruit. It fermented dry in about a week, took out the fruit and racked to 5 gallon carboys. Tastes much more like I expected, only it’s really hot – I have no idea how to measure the ABV but it’s higher than 14%, that’s for sure. It’ll take some Medium French/Medium Hungarian oak and some aging but this batch should be ready for secondary fruit in about a year.

2014-09-04 11.58.54