Brewlog: Meadowfoam

18lbs Meadowfoam honey

5g K1-V1116

10g Fermaid-O


6 gallons water


OG: 1.11

ABV: 13.4%


Rehydrate the yeast in Go-Ferm

mix must

pitch yeast


at lag phase add 5g Fermaid-O


I didn’t measure pH at the beginning, probably should have. After 1 week the ferment got stuck at 1.050. Since it was right at the 1/3 sugar break, I fed it another 5g Fermaid-O and aerated it. pH was at 3.2 – the low end of the generally accepted range but that shouldn’t have been low enough to stun the yeast. Aerated it daily for the next few days, fished a few stupid fruit flies out, still nothing. Added enough Potassium Bicarbonate to bring the pH up to 4.0, still nothing. fished a few more fruit flies out. Meh. Prepared an acclimated starter to repitch with some DV-10, dosed the must with some K-Meta to ward off the looming acetobacter infection. Came back the next day to draw more must for the starter and it was going again. It didn’t taste or smell like vinegar so I racked it to a carboy and airlocked it. now it’s at 1.015 and still chugging away – K1-V1116 should take this dry eventually.