Brewlog: Basic Orange Blossom Traditional

this is ending up as my go-to basic off-dry mead.

12lbs Orange Blossom honey

2lbs Buckwheat honey

water to 5 gallons

8g DV-10

Go-Ferm, Fermaid-O

American Medium Toast oak cubes



rehydrate yeast per instructions, add to Go-Ferm slurry

mix must to SG of 1.10

pitch yeast, aerate like crazy

cover bucket with a sanitized towel


Brewlog: Wildflower Traditional

This is a 6-gallon batch to test various oak types and toast levels.
16lbs wildflower honey
2 lbs buckwheat honey
10g D-47
Fermaid-K, DAP
mix must
rehydrate yeast with Go-Ferm
cover with sanitized towel
aerate vigorously several times daily
added 1.5 tsp Fermaid, .5 tsp DAP
SG 1.1
aded 1 tsp Fermaid
moved to carboy
SG 1.06
SG 1.000
it’s starting to clear, fermentation is done. probably time to rack into 1-gallon bottles and start the oak.
samples will be medium toast American, heavy toast American, medium toast French, heavy toast French, medium toast Hungarian.
took 1 gallon, added 2oz Med Toast American Oak from a gallon of  Oaked Manhattan I made a while back.
split into 4 batches – 1gal with 2 oz Med Toast American oak, 1gal with 2 oz Heavy Toast American oak, 1gal with Med Toast French oak, and the remainder with 5lbs of pitted pluots.