Brewlog: Plum something or other

30 lbs mixed (elephant heart, santa rosa and stanley) plums, frozen and thawed (about 2/3 pitted, left 1/3 of the pits in)

5lbs montmorency cherries (pitted), frozen and thawed

12lbs orange blossom honey

2lbs buckwheat honey

10g RC-212


10g Fermaid-O as needed

3g Rapidase Maxi-Fruit

water to 6 gallons

OG: 1.110

ABV: 13.8%


defrost 20lbs of plums, cherries mixed with rapidase in a sparging bag overnight.

rehydrate yeast in Go-Ferm

mix must to 1.110

pitch yeast

cover with a sanitized towel

at lag phase, add fruit and 5g Fermaid-O


Brewlog: Cherry Business!

2014-09-06 10.13.16






30 lbs montmorency cherries, pitted, frozen

3 lbs sweet black cherries, pitted, frozen

25lbs orange blossom honey

5lbs buckwheat honey

1 gallon tart cherry juice

10g RC-212

10g Fermaid-O, more as needed


1/4 tsp K-Meta

5g Rapidase Maxi-Fruit

water to 10 gallons


OG: 1.120

ABV: 14.3%



defrost 20 lbs of montmorency, 3 lbs of black cherries in a sparging bag. add 1/4 tsp K-Meta, cover with a sanitized towel and let sit for 12 hours

bucket of fruit

bucket of fruit







add 4g Rapidase in 2 cups of water, let sit for 12 hours

rehydrate yeast in Go-Ferm solution

mix must to OG 1.12, pitch yeast

at lag phase, add 5g Fermaid-O and bag of fruit

add another 5g Fermaid-O the next day, more as needed to keep yeast happy

remove fruit when primary fermentation is done, rack to 2 5-gallon carboys



SG: 1.005

racked off fruit into carboys.



SG: 1.005

the yeast is flocculating like mad, yeast cakes were pretty much done hours after racking to secondary. racking off the yeast into new carboys.

2014-09-13 14.42.30_1